Weaverham Trust 2021 Calendars Now Available

 The Weaverham Trust Calendar for 2021 is now available, and can be purchased from the newsagent or post office.

The calendar is the same price as in the last few years. £7.00

Lakehouse Field by David Thomas

Usually pictures from the Weaverham and Acton Bridge Show Photo Competition are used directly or the competitors supply other pictures. This year previous contributors supplied pictures, but new contributors came forward through the Facebook appeal for contributions. The level of images submitted was very high and several calendars could have been produced. A popular subject this year was insects on blooms, but only two were included because the underlying theme of the calendar is the village.

As with all organisations and businesses, income for the Trust has been lower this year, as it has not been able to hold events. The calendar and card sales will be the main source of income. The Trust paid a large part of the cost of the recent bulb planting from its own funds and part came from the award money from the Coop.

A small selection of the pictures is shown below. All these and the cover page are from new contributors.


Rainbow in Oak Meadow by Margaret Jefferson

Blossoms in Lime Avenue by Wendy Mahon

Hornet Mimic Hoverfly by Kerry Knight

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