The Trust & Bottom Pitch Meadow

How the Weaverham Trust Acquired Bottom Pitch

On 23 August 2012, on a piece of land adjacent to Owley Wood, a “For Sale by Auction” sign was erected,causing a great deal of concern, as it was generally understood this land was already owned by the village.The Trust was approached by concerned villagers and an emergency meeting was arranged involving numerous parties in order to see who could help. The auction was being held on 6th September so the Trust had a matter of a few days to find support and come up with a potential solution in time.
With the support of the CWAC Councillors, who pledged £2,500 from their Members Budgets, £5,000 from The Weaverham Trust and a loan from a generous village resident, the Trust managed to raise over £16,000 in total and was successful in acquiring the land at the auction. If this had failed the land would inevitably been acquired by a property developer. As a result, Weaverham Trust has ensured that the land that is known as Bottom Pitch Meadow will remain available for the use and enjoyment of both Weaverham residents and visitors in perpetuity.It is believed that Bottom Pitch Meadow is the first Public park opened in Cheshire since 1918.