About Us

Set up in 2001 by Weaverham residents, the Weaverham Trust is a registered charity supported by the voluntary commitment of local residents. Annual membership subscriptions from local people constitutes the bulk of our funding.

We publish and distribute quarterly news magazines to every home in Weaverham, and receive some financial support from our Parish Council to do this. We also run events, organise litter picks, and campaign on various issues to improve our village.

The Trust’s mission is to promote the well being of Weaverham village by taking positive actions to enhance the natural, built and social environment. What that means is that we are committed to maintaining our natural landscape, our quality of life and the amenities and facilities within Weaverham village.

  • We monitor and support high standards of planning and architecture which may affect our parish
  • We keep parish residents informed about local geography, history, natural history and architecture
  • We secure preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest
  • We promote research, make surveys, prepare maps and collect information in relation to any place or building of interest within our area
  • We act as a co-ordinating body and work with local authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and persons having aims similar to those of the Trust.

We work with many other organisations including Parish Councils & local authorities, voluntary organisations and charities. Working in partnership with these organisations adds value to what we can do and enables us to share our learning and experience with others. We’re proud to be a member of Civic Voice, and we’ve worked closely with Saltscape and other voluntary organisations.