Why Bottom Pitch?

This area of land has always been known as Bottom Pitch.When ICI built houses in the area, they provided a social club and bowling green for the adults but there was nothing obvious for the children. The land at the bottom of the hill was then used as a football and cricket pitch – and so became known as Bottom Pitch! The land continues to this day to be used by locals and visitors from outside the area and is a popular destination for dog walkers and for children to play on.


Since the land was acquired by the Trust, a great deal of work has been undertaken including the laying of 800 metres of hedge, the installation of both kissing and field gates, the planting of 100 new saplings and helpful signage. Much has also been done to encourage wildlife, including the installation of both bat and bird boxes. Tree surveys are regularly undertaken and any which are found to be in a dangerous state are either lopped or felled. Sadly, this month, it was discovered that vandals had set fire to one of the wooden signs, so our need for further maintenance continues.