Adopt A Street

Thank you for showing an interest in our Adopt a Street Scheme. This page allows you to sign up  and provides you with soome best practice guiidelines. Soon we hope to use this to provide you with updates from other adopters to help  make us feel more like  a team so make sure you use the contact us link to share pictures and information with us, or if you are on facebook, join our group! Whilst you are waiting if you would like some more information about the scheme or you would like to register to adopt your/a street please do not hesitate to contact us


    Adopt a Street Guidelines

    • Abide by the current Corvid-19 rules.

    • The Trust supplies Hi-Vis jackets, pickers and if need for large volumes of litter green refuge sacks.

    • Disinfectant pickers before and after use.

    • All supplied equipment is new or washed and disinfected.

    • Please wear the hi-viz jacket provided, and work facing oncoming traffic.

    • Please wear own gloves. Do not pick up litter with bare hands.

    • Do not touch your face.

    • Use litter pickers (own or provided).

    • Do not share pickers.

    • Do not touch any syringes or drug equipment (eg aluminium foil) but report on return. We will notify the relevant authorities.

    • Do not pick up broken glass.

    • Do not zig zag across roads. Either separate people on each side or return on opposite side.

    • Please keep children on footpaths and away from road edges.

    • If you have large volume and cannot fit in own black bin, leave it by a council litter bin and contact Cheshirewestandchester Report It to pick up.

    • If you need to contact us, e.g for bags or replacement picker, choose adopt a street from the contact us page

    • Please try to get out at least once a month.

    • Wash and sanitise your hands when you get home.

    • The Trust will periodical send you emails, so we would love to have permission to use your email address.

    If you decide to cease litter picking please return loaned equipment by contacting us