Memorial Orchard Help Wanted! 1

It’s a bit late I know, but the Hartford & Weaverham Memorial Orchard in Thorn Wood is getting a little overgrown with ragwort.

The folks that look after it are looking for some help in clearing the stuff. It’s an hour of exercise and some fresh air, so if you’ve got a pair of gardening gloves and a fork (for the more tenacious plants – not required, but useful) as well as an hour to spare on Monday night or Tuesday morning, the team would be grateful for your help.

Meeting times are :

Monday 31st July (today!) & 7th August at 7pm

Tuesday 1st August (tomorrow) &  8th August at 10am

Gloves are essential, long sleeves (to protect against instects) and a fork are nice-to-have’s.

The meeting place is Thorn Wood on the Weaverham/Hartford border.

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