Weaverham News -Lockdown Special Edition


Our first online Weaverham Newsletter!

Thank you so much to everyone who has registered to receive this 1st ever, fully electronic newsletter! We hope this finds you and your family safe and well and we hope the information provided in here during these unprecedented times is useful and maybe makes you smile and know you are not alone.

As always if there is anything you feel we can support with, ideas you need help promoting, or just more information about what we do. Get in touch with us either via facebook or by emailing news@weaverhamtrust.co.uk

We are also conscious that residents who might benefit the most from this edition may not be on facebook. Where you can please reach out to your neighbours, check they are ok and see if they have an email or other way of accessing the link below in order to access the news. It can be shared via WhatsApp, Social media or email.

So without further ado please click here to read this special edition of the Weaverham News

Thank you – the editorial team.


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