Litter Pick – 21st July 2018

Litter by shops

The Trust completed its latest quarterly litter pick on Saturday 21st July.

Due to valiant efforts over 25 bags of litter were gathered, even though fewer people were able to attend than at the previous high attendance. However we were pleased to welcome John Freeman, chairman of the Weaverham Parish Council.

The area around the Northwich Road shops continues to be the village ‘grot spot’ with the Trust receiving regular complaints from villagers and regular reports of rats.

The attached picture shows the litter alongside the entry to the rear car park. Over six bags were removed from the shop front car park. Neither CWAC nor all the shop owners are clearing the area, which would take a few minutes daily to keep clear. It is left to the unpaid Trust volunteers to do the work. Some of the debris in the gutter was dead leaves from last autumn. Furthermore, CWAC has failed to keep the Church Yard at St Mary’s tidy.


The next litter pick will be on World Cleanup Day, September 15th at 10:30 , so please come along, every effort, no matter how short is appreciated, and you can have the satisfaction of helping to keep your village and the planet clean.

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