Litter Pick 9th February 2019

Saturday turned out to be a surprisingly mild day after the recent bad weather. The turn-out was excellent for this time of year with over 27  people taking part, including two WPC Councillors and one CWAC Councillor. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us it was great to see so many new faces.

In all 33 bags of rubbish were collected along with a spare wheel, a car tyre, wheel disk and an umbrella.

The overall level  of litter in the village has increased over the winter, and the lack of a street cleaner is obvious. Clearing around the Northwich Road shops has become very difficult with debris from the trees and the leaves. The litter becomes broken up and buried in the leaves. The discarded cutlery from take-away meals fragments into small splinters and is difficult to pick up.

An area of particular concern was the High School perimeter where the chain mesh fence was full of litter, the majority on the school side, where it could not be retrieved. Once again many small spirit bottles were found.

It was lovely to have some younger residents come and ask if they could help after seeing our volunteers working hard. We also wish the young gentleman luck who joined the pick with his mum on his super hero project. It was great to see youngsters so passionate about the environment and the community!

The next litter pick will be on 6th April.

33 Bags of rubbish

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