Weaverham Trusts plants spring bulbs on Northwich Road

The Trust planted 65 metres of mixed spring bulbs on either side of Northwich Road up to the old ICI railway bridge.

The bulbs consist of a mixture of early flowering yellow narcissi, late flowering white narcissi, cammassia and purple allium. The bulbs will flower continuously from February until June. The flowers provide extra biodiversity with food for bees, butterflies and other insects.

The bulbs were purchased with money received from the Co-op Community Fund where members of the Co-op selected the Weaverham Trust to receive a donation equivalent to1% of their purchases from the Co-op. The Trust used some of their own funds too. It is proposed to do further plantings in future years as more funds become available.

Bulb planter in action

Bulb Planter Detail

The bulb planting machine comes from the Netherlands


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