Weaverham Trust AGM and Youth Awards

The Weaverham Trust AGM was held on the 21th March 2019 at the Weaverham Sea Scout Hall.

Presentations for the Weaverham Trust Youth Award Scheme were made by Graham Pickering to the joint winners, 1st Weaverham Brownies and Weaverham Community Youth Football Club Under 13 Yellows.

Each received £200.

Donations of £50 each were given to two other applicants, Weaverham Forest Pre-school and Weaverham Community Youth Centre.

Weaverham Brownies

Weaverham Community Youth Football Club Under 13 Yellow

Weaverham Community Youth Centre

Weaverham Forest Pre-school

After the presentations, the meeting reverted to the normal AGM agenda.

The Chairman, Glen Gidley, outlined the work of the Trust over the last year, emphasising the Trust’s partnership with other Weaverham bodies such as the Parish Council, the History Society, the Friends of Owley Wood and the CWAC councillors.

Glen explained the new format of the Weaverham News which is produced by Paula Williams of the Trust and Jon Cook of the Stronghold.

Glen encouraged all members of the Coop to register their option for the Coop to donate to the Weaverham Trust.  This will be used for projects to improve the appearance of the village, like floral displays and bulb planting.

On the same theme, it was mentioned that a petition, both online and written, will shortly be setup requesting the that the village street cleaner be reinstated by CWAC.

A report was then presented on the financial accounts of 2018.

Then the members of the various teams on the Executive explained their roles.

Graham Pickering detailed the latest membership figures.

Clare Pleasant explained the role of the website and Facebook in publicising the Trusts’ work and events. Since Clare’s work on Facebook the public’s awareness of the Trust has increased and attendance at litter picks has increased too.

Peter Manning said how the Trust judged the suitability of planning applications for the village and that during 2018 there were 68 planning applications.

Jane Sharples covered litter picks and other environmental issues.

Alan Mills discussed the events held by the Trust last year and talked about the Eggstravaganza planned on Bottom Pitch for youngsters.

The videos by drone of Bottom Pitch over the seasons were show. These are available on the web site. During this John Wilson explained the history of Bottom Pitch.

The proposed candidates for the executive for the next year were presented and introduced themselves. The meeting accepted the election en-bloc.

New members of the Weaverham Trust are always welcome and anyone interested in joining the Executive Team should contact any exec member or message clare@weaverhamtrust.co.uk.

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